Computer games: welcome to the virtual world!

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Your child ran away to catch pokemon, your husband launched a tank battle on the monitor screen, and your father thought about electronic poker? Even 15 years ago, computer games were a rarity in the home, and today every family member uses the latest technology to relax.

Computer games in modern society

At the beginning of the development of personal electronic computers, a set of mini-games was designed to develop skills in controlling the mouse. Software developers noticed the owners ‘ predilection for electronic entertainment, which marked the beginning of the industry for creating computer fun.

The evolution of games significantly affects the development of modern society. Excessive immersion in virtual reality negatively affects the behavior of members of society. However, contrary to popular belief about the total harm of computer entertainment, they also bring a positive effect. For example, increased hardware requirements for game servers encourage the development of new technologies, which then spread to other areas of the industry.

Pros and cons of computer games

The availability of electronic entertainment has both a positive and negative impact on gamers. Let’s note the main advantages provided by immersion in the virtual world.

Emotional discharge. Computer games are one of the ways to relax and relieve the psychological stress caused by daily stress.

Educational aspect. There is a case when a Junior school student corresponded in English with the support service of a popular online game, because he could not perform the installation on his own. Astonished parents did not even expect such knowledge from their child.

Development of fast response. Mobile genre simulators and quests require immediate decision – making, which increases the speed of mental processing of the event.
Scientists note the strengthening of cognitive functions of the brain and the desire for consistent behavior imposed by the plot. However, the obvious disadvantages of the influence of computer games on adherents are no less serious.

Reduced academic performance in school children and productivity in adults. Unfortunately, many people develop an addiction to electronic fun. This makes you spend every free minute on them, sometimes to the detriment of your main activity.

Blurring the differences between reality and fiction. Several lives of a game character, jumping on roofs, the right to online murder, and now aggression and pseudo-physics are transferred from the imaginary world to the real one.

Social exclusion. There is a substitution of real contact for virtual contact with accompanying side effects: illiterate communication without emotions, lack of mobility and a sense of impunity.
Assessing the positive and negative impact of computer games on a person, scientists recommend reducing the number of hours spent on electronic fun to two per day. Otherwise, the harm done will prevail over the desired benefit.

Product Information

Activision’s juggernaut first-person shooter heads to Mac with a focus on clandestine operations and deniable missions in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Black Ops marks a departure for the series, in that the action unfolds in neither WWII nor the nebulous Modern arena, but in the vast expanse of the Cold War. Players take control of soldiers from the Studies and Observations Group (SOG), a multi-service special operations unit that carried out devastating assaults on enemy targets, captured opposition leaders, rescued downed pilots, and even conducted psychological operations.

Publisher Aspyr
MPN 12680
UPC 0618870126807
eBay Product ID (ePID) 170328698
Product Key Features
Release Year 2012
Genre Shooter
Game Name Call of Duty: Black Ops
Rating M
Additional Product Features
ESRB Rating M – Mature
Platform Mac
ESRB Descriptor Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language
Game Special Features Travel around the globe on 13 secret missions set during the height of the Cold War Wield more than 50 weapons, including assault rifles, grenades, and even crossbows Earn COD Points to buy weapons, purchase contracts, and gam
Location USA

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