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How I chose my macBook from the entire variety of Apple products

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Functionality of Apple products

When my laptop needed another repair, I realized that it would be easier to buy a new one than to invest in its repair again. Previously, I had nothing to do with the macBook and paid attention to it only on the advice of friends. Friends highly appreciated the quality and functionality of Apple products. Following their advice, I started looking through the company’s product catalogs. And as it turned out, I wasn’t disappointed.



Lightweight, practical laptop

I needed a lightweight, practical laptop to work with. I immediately liked the light weight of the MacBook. Plus, the attractive appearance played a role. Of course, office equipment is chosen primarily for technical parameters, but you always want the purchase to bring more aesthetic pleasure.

Choose between macBook Air and macBook Pro

Choose between a macBook Air and a macBook Pro. I had no complaints about the performance of both models. A dual-core processor and at least 4 GB of RAM was enough. It should be noted that the Pro series models can be equipped with more powerful processors, and their advantages include a large storage capacity.

The final choice fell on the macBook Air

The final choice fell on the macBook Air. Practical considerations tend to favor this model. It weighs much less than the macBook Pro (1.35 and 2.08 kg). battery life played an important role. Offline time is 12 hours when Wi-Fi is turned on and 10 hours when watching a movie in iTunes. The Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPU perfectly copes with complex tasks. While working on the macBook Air, I haven’t had any complaints about its performance yet.
The difference in price between the model I bought myself, a macBook Air with a 13-inch screen and a 128-Gigabyte flash drive, and a 13-inch macBook Pro and a 500-Gigabyte drive is only a few thousand rubles in favor of the Air model.

The entire range of Apple products

For yourself, the entire range of Apple products is divided into a professional macBook Pro and a practical macBook Air. The Pro model is more powerful, with a large amount of memory, if you generalize, it is suitable for very large loads. The Air series, it can not be said that it is low-power, yet 4 GB of RAM say the opposite. These are lightweight and practical models that are suitable for work. If you don’t use specialized programs with huge costs or computer games with very high requirements, then in my opinion the macBook Air model is the best that you can find. This is a good combination of price and quality.


  I also want to buy a macBook. How does it work with Microsoft office programs?
I didn’t have any problems. Created documents open easily on other Windows computers. 
Comment 1Comment 1
  I also use this model. The performance is simply amazing. Of course, it is inferior to the macBook Pro, but in most cases you don’t need more. 
Comment 2.Comment 2.
  Hello. Is it difficult to understand how a macBook works? I’ve never used a macBook before.
Good afternoon. Not difficult. I haven’t worked with a macBook before either. One week was enough for me. 
Comment 3.Comment 3.
Tell me. I work constantly open several programs Opera, photoshop, a program for the layout of the site and a few others. Will 4 GB be enough for me?
It depends on what You mean by «and others»))). Most likely it will be enough, but the memory will be used almost completely. I would advise you to look at the more powerful Pro models.  
Comment 4.Comment 4.
Yes, the model is very light. After the previous laptop weighing more than 2 kg, air itself is light.  
Comment 5.Comment 5.
I also thought for a long time whether to switch to Apple, but the company knows how to make good laptops.  
Comment 6.Comment 6.
  Usually Xcode and Photoshop are open at the same time — 8 Gb is enough, but 4 Would not be enough. 
Comment 7.Comment 7.
  Is it possible to install Windows on a Macbook?
Possible. Personally, I did not install it, but there is a Boot Camp. It will allow you to use Windows. 
Comment 8.Comment 8.
Is there a problem with the Mac software?
There is absolutely no problem. You can find many office programs, image editors, and games.  
Comment 9.Comment 9.
  I used Air and Pro. Air is light and mobile, a good laptop if you need to move around a lot. Pro is a powerful model for professional work. 
Comment 10.Comment 10.

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How I chose my macBook from the entire variety of Apple products
How I chose my macBook from the entire variety of Apple products


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